Dodekanisos Seaways Symi
Duration of Tour: 8:15 hours



€30 / per person
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Time of stay: 8 hours

Where to Swim;

  • The only one accessible on foot is NOS beach near Gialos and maybe Pedi, with warm, shallow water, which is a little further.  For all the others it is necessary to take one of the boats that leave every few hours from Gialos to the most inaccessible but beautiful beaches of the island, Agios Georgios Disalona, Agia Marina, Agios Aimilianos.


What to Eat;

  • Symiako garidaki (mini shrimp), is the most characteristic delicacy of the island
  • Gaelopita, is a fishpie with small atherina fish
  • try the prickly pear liqueur and “akoumia”, which are local sweets with flavored honey


Best of;

  • The Cathedral of Timios Prodromos built in 1838 located in Gialos
  • The dove of Peace and the ancient trireme, which is carved on the wall

The Monastery of Panormitis Michael which is famous for its miracles


Tour Plan



Daytrip: Rhodes- Symi
Departure DayDeparture timeDeparture PortShipTravel TimeTime of StayReturn Time
Wednesday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express50 minutes8:15 hours17:35
Friday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express50 minutes8:15 hours17:35
Saturday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express50 minutes8:15 hours17:35
Sunday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express50 minutes8:15 hours17:35

Tour Location

Symi is located in Dodecanese Islands.

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