Dodekanisos Seaways Panormitis
Duration of Tour: 1:10 to 1:30 hours



€25 / per person
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Time of stay in Panormitis: 1 hour

Time of stay in Symi: 3 hours


Best of:

  • Visit the Monastery of Panormitis with the incomperable natural beauty
  • The jewel of the monastery is the masterpiece bell in baroque-rococo style, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Aegean Sea
  • The striking black and white pebbled courtyard and the cells are filled every summer with vacationers and pilgrims
  • The icon of the Saint is really impressive, a full body silver representation of Panormitis Michael, who is depicted wearing armor and carrying a sword, like a winged warrior
  • The two museums of the monastery showcase centuries of history and folklore and exhibits include an epitaph which came all the way from Russia, old oak wine barrels, pieces of an old distillery, and a handmade loom.
  • The monastery’s library is also very important, with post-byzantine manuscripts and publications of particular interest, while a traditional oil press, a traditional raki distillery (from fig), and a candle workshop operate in the monastery.



Tour Plan



Daytrip: Rhodes- Panormitis & Symi Departure Port: Acandia - Rhodes
Departure DayDeparture timeShipTravel TimeTime of Stay to PanormitisReturn Time from PanormitisTime of Stay to SymiReturn Time
Monday9:30Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours1:15 hours12:153:30 hours16:30
Wednesday9:30Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours1:15 hours12:153:30 hours16:30
Friday9:30Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours1:15 hours12:153:30 hours16:30
Saturday9:30Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours1:15 hours12:153:30 hours16:30
Sunday10:00Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours1:30 hours13:303:30 hours17:15
Daytrip: Rhodes- Symi & Panormitis Departure Port: Acandia - Rhodes
Departure DayDeparture timeShipTravel TimeTime of Stay to SymiReturn Time from SymiTime of stay to PanormitisReturn Time
Tuesday9:30Panagia Skiadeni1:30 hours3:30 hours14:301:1016:30

Tour Location

Panormitis is located in Symi - Dodecanese Islands.

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