Dodekanisos Seaways kalimnos
Duration of Tour: 3:50-4:40 hours



€28 / per person
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Time of Stay: 4-5 hours

Where to Swim;

  • Arginonta, with deep crystal clear waters
  • Masoyri, the most famous beach of the island
  • Vlychada, combines pebbles and sand


What to eat;

  • The Moori, lamp baked in wooden oven
  • Try the traditional Kalymnos rusks “kouloures”, made with mastic and black cumin seeds
  • Eftazimo, a traditional aromatic bread


Best of;

  • Try rock climbing in one of the many routes for professional or amateurs with an unparalleled view to the Aegean sea.
  • The sanctuary of Delian Apollo, the most significant arcaeological site of Kalymnos

The international diving festival, which apart from diving sessions, also organizes many parallel events, like contests, lessons, exhibitions and other, is also famous.


Tour Plan



Daytrip: Kos - Kalimnos
Departure DayDeparture timeDeparture PortShipTravel TimeTime of StayReturn Time
Monday11:00KosDodekanisos Express35 minutes3:50 hours15:25
Tuesday11:10KosDodekanisos Pride35 minutes4:40 hours16:25
Wednesday11:00KosDodekanisos Express35 minutes3:50 hours15:25
Friday11:00KosDodekanisos Express35 minutes3:50 hours15:25
Saturday11:00KosDodekanisos Express35 minutes3:50 hours15:25
Sunday11:00KosDodekanisos Express35 minutes3:50 hours15:25

Tour Location

Kalimnos is located in Dodecanese islands

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