Dodekanisos Seaways Ikaria
Duration of Tour: 7 hours



€36 / per person
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Time of Stay; 7 hours


Where to swim;

  • Nas beach, with the river and the small waterfalls.
  • Mesachti, a beach with gold sand and light blue water, ideal for surfing.
  • Seychelles beach, a little bay with bright white rocks and wild exotic beauty


What to eat;

  • Wild Goat, the most popular dish of the island
  • Kathoura, a unique cheese made from goat
  • Many Fresh seafood “Mezedes”


Best of;

  • Take part in a traditional fair (panigiri), where the culture, tradition and fun become one, under the bright sun, until late at night!
  • Trekking in Halaris gorge to enjoy the wild beauty of the island

Enjoy a natural spa in the spa springs which are relaxing and therapeutic as well.


Tour Plan


Tour Details

Tour: Samos - Ikaria
Departure DayDeparture TimeDeparture PortShipTravel TimeTime of StayReturn Time
Friday8:30SamosDodekanisos Pride1:25 hours7 hours16:55
Sunday8:30SamosDodekanisos Pride1:25 hours7 hours16:55

Tour Location

Ikaria is located in NE Aegean Islands.

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