Dodekanisos Seaways Chalki3
Duration of Tour; 7-8 hours



€29 / per person
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Time of Stay; 7-8 hours


Where to Swim;

  • Ftenayia, is a beautiful bay, which you can reach on foot or by boat and it has a restaurant with traditional food nearby.
  • Pontamos is a larger beach, with shallow water, umbrellas, sunbeds, restaurant and a beach bar
  • Kania beach is a petite bay with outstanding clear and blue-green water.


What to Eat;

  • Delicious traditional Halki Pasta with grated cheese and onions
  • Fresh fish and seafood arrive daily on the island by the local fishermen


Best of;

  • The bell tower of Agios Nikolaos, which is built on an arc made of ancient marble.
  • The Clock Tower, in impressive landmark, with twin staircases and rich decorative elemtns.
  • The Fort of the Knights of St John, next to and old city ruins.


Tour Plan


Daytrip Details

Daytrip: Rhodes- Chalki
Departure DayDeparture timeDeparture PortShipTravel TimeTime of StayReturn Time
Tuesday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express1:15 hours7 hours16:50
Thursday8:30Kolona - RhodesDodekanisos Express1:15 hours8 hours17:45

Tour Location

Chalki is located in Dodecanese Islands.

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