Dodekanisos Seaways Agathonisi
Duration of Tour: 7:45 hours



€24 / per person
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Time of Stay: 8 hours

Where to Swim:

  • Spilia, a magnificent, almost tropical scenery
  • The deep Gaidorolakkos bay, which is accessible via a 20-minute walk.
  • Bathy Pigadi a beach which sparkles with the impressive lentisks casting their shadow on its carved pebbles.


What to eat:

  • Fresh fish
  • Fliskoykoydi, traditional fava bean
  • Taste the local wine


Best of:

  • The magnificent picturesqueness of Agios Georgios with the crystal clear waters, the tamarisk trees and the pebbles that glow under the light of the Aegean sea sun.
  • Megalo chorio, with a stone wall around the houses.
  • Tholoi are impressive vaulted stone buildings of the 11th

Tour Plan



Daytrip: Samos- Agathonisi
Departure DayDeparture timeDeparture PortShipTravel TimeTime of StayReturn Time
Saturday8:30SamosDodekanisos Pride35 minutes7:45 hours16:55

Tour Location

Agathonisi is located in NE Aegean Islands.

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